5 April 2011

Ask anyone what color Alice’s dress is...

Am I Blue?

Above, left: The Nursery Alice, 1890
Above, right: De La Rue card game, 1894
Left: The Wonderland Postage- Stamp Case, 1889

Ask anyone what color Alice’s dress is and they’ll undoubtedly reply, “Why, blue, of course.” Unless you happen to be talking to a Carrollian who knows that the only authorized color edition, The Nursery Alice in 1890, which was colored by Tenniel and featured a cover by E. Gertrude Thomson, depicts her wearing a corn yellow frock throughout, though the apron is trimmed with blue and sports a large blue bow. The equally authorized Wonderland Postage-stamp Case (1889) and De La Rue card game (1894) also show her in a yellow dress. End of story.

This originally appeared as an article in:

Winter 2010
Volume II Issue 15
Number 85

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